A little about me -

Hello and welcome to my website!  Those of you who know me well may be surprised that I even have such a thing!  But as I cling to all oldskool marketing techniques it seems as though the whirlwind of change has swept me up.  Hopefully the website is clear and easy to navigate however do feel free to contact me if you need any more information or would like to talk to me about treatments, products or gift vouchers.

I have been a holistic and beauty therapist for nearly 15 years.  And I love it still! I started by completing my holistic diploma, then moved on to my beauty NVQ, collecting other treatments and skills along the way.  Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand was particularly amazing and I am also a specialist in pregnancy massage, training first within the spa where I worked and then on to complete the prestigious Well Mother qualification with Suzanne Yates.  I have been fortunate to work in some exceptional spas including Space NK, The Dorchester and Groom based in Selfridges, London.

I have had 2 babies over the last 5 years and having them has certainly enriched my soul and my understanding of the human body, how it works and just how strong it can be, even in stages of healing or ill health.  So although I haven't worked 40+ hours a week in a spa since then I have continued training and providing treatments from home.  Having the freedom to work for myself and provide clients with beautiful treatments in a truly relaxing space is very important to me.  My clients benefit from my time and my understanding which enables me to then make their appointment personal and bespoke.

So I think that's it for now.  Please do feel free to send me a message or give me a call.  Thanks for reading. M xx

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